Helping farmers understand their markets

Only a small percentage of smallholder Filipino farmers have established solid links with markets.

Majority of smallholder Filipino farmers lack solid links with lucrative markets. The farmers’ knowledge about market demand, latest trends, commodity prices, or product quality requirements is also very limited.

Providing solutions

At Narra, we look at agricultural systems as part of larger ecosystems and carefully determine the most appropriate nature-based solutions to improve the functions and resilience of the affected ecosystems.

Providing solutions

Narra Oceania helps farmers understand how the market works, what requirements are in place, and ultimately connects farmers to suitable buyers.

Product improvement

The primary sector in the Philippines is characterised by minimal product value-adding mainly because of a lack of investments, technologies, and innovations. Not only does Narra Oceania produce its own products, it also helps other small processors to improve their food products so that they can access new markets and more customers.

Market access

Direct access to lucrative markets is vital for farmers to seize existing opportunities. However, the trade with agricultural produce in the Philippines is dominated by various levels of middlemen. Narra deals only with individual producers or producer organisations, no middlemen. At the moment, our trading business focuses on premium cocoa beans and coconut sugar. For other products and commodities, we help farmers to identify new buyers through our extensive networks.


Customers are more than ever conscious about the origin of the products, from whom and from where they are coming, and the products’ journey to their tables to make sure that they were sourced sustainably and ethically. Narra helps its clients to set up robust traceability systems to increase supply chain transparency, improve quality control, and reduce risks. At the same time, such a system helps to build customers' trust that the products bear presented quality and origin attributes.


Environmental Resilience

Dealing with the effects of natural disasters and climate change have increasingly become a part of farmers’ lives. Check out our Environmental Resilience section on how Narra supports farmers to improve their resilience.




Post-disaster recovery


Climate resilience