Cacao Beans

Our cacao beans are grown in an agroforestry environment with a variety of fruit and forest trees.

The journey

Rivers, streams, and waterfalls flow through the hills and mountains of Marayag where our trees are grown.

This area is part of the ancestral domain of the indigenous tribe called the Mandaya tribe.

With such an abundance of nature surrounding the cacao farms, it’s only right that we follow natural farming methods without any use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers.


The cacao pods are harvested as they ripen to full maturity allowing the sugars in the fruit to fully develop before being taken to a central processing area, where they are split open.


Wet beans are fermented for six days. Fermentation is a key process to stimulate the bean’s colour and flavour development. The optimal colour and flavour profile is then achieved through natural drying on solar drying beds.


The beans are continuously mixed and turned to ensure high uniformity. Once beans are fully dried, they are packed in jute sacks and ready to go to our customers. 

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