Our mission

Narra is all about farmers and the lands they work and live on.

By working hand in hand with them, we make sure that all primary ingredients to our products have been produced ethically and sustainably.

Our Products

Narra connects Filipino farmers with global markets by establishing premium product value chains and aspires to become a requisite and preferable supplier of premium agricultural products from the Philippines.

Cacao Beans

Our cacao beans are grown in an agroforestry environment with a variety of fruit and forest trees.

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Coconut Sugar

Hundreds of millions of coconut trees are grown in the Philippines. The Filipino coconut industry is the second largest in the world

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who we are

Our Story

The Narra initiative evolved through witnessing everyday challenges of Filipino farmers – poor access to quality inputs, technologies, know-how, and markets.

We concluded that with even small improvements in each of these areas, productivity and farmer income can be significantly increased. This is where Narra’s expertise comes into play.


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