Coconut Sugar

Hundreds of millions of coconut trees are grown in the Philippines. The Filipino coconut industry is the second largest in the world.

The journey

The coconut, also called the Tree of Life, is deeply rooted in Filipino society and culture and is a highly versatile and useful plant.

One of the greatest products derived from the tree is coconut sugar.


The production process starts with the collection of coconut nectar from palm flowers. Farmers climb the coconut trees and tap into the nectar by cutting into the stem below the flowers to allow for the nectar to slowly flow out.


The nectar is then collected in containers and immediately boiled down. After being boiled down into a syrup, it is then cooked down further through the process of evaporation until it reaches the crystallisation stage and begins to harden into sugar clumps.


The clumps are then pulverised and refined into granules. Finally the sugar granules are sifted for equal particle sizing.

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